Criminal Law
When you are charged with a crime you are nearly guaranteed to have your Miranda Rights read to you. These are the rights you hear on TV shows and in the movies about the right to be silent and anything you say can and will be used against you and you have a right to an attorney and so forth. You have these rights because what you say and do can have a drastic effect on any criminal case that may be charged against you. It is also important to know that your actions and words when you are arrested, charged, during pretrial conferences and even at trial can still be used against you. To avoid saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing it is imperative that you have competent legal counsel experienced both with the legal process and charges like yours to assist you in all parts of your case.  

AtJones Huff & Jones, LLP we have extensive experience in handling a wide range of criminal actions from major felonies to traffic tickets. Our office also assists clients in the expungement of their past criminal record or obtaining specialized driving privileges so a mistake does not continue to punish them forever. All cases are different and the facts of your specific case will control what outcomes are possible but you need counsel to provide you with your options and assist you in achieving your goals. The staff at Jones Huff & Jones, LLP works hard to ensure clients understand their case and make competent decisions on how to proceed. Schedule your consultation today to get a clear understanding of how your case may progress.